Flourishing Facebook Pages

for introverts | taught by Thea Orozco

Course description

Grab that trail mix and let’s go on a journey!

A journey to where you share your gifts, gain clients, and have a loyal group of fans through being yourself.

Do you feel like you’re just winging it when it comes to posting on your Facebook fan page? Are you spending tons of time trying to think of what to post? Or maybe you’re just posting once a month because you’re burnt out and disappointed from trying to run your page as an extrovert.

I've been using social media for a decade and have built a Facebook page with over 12,000 Likes. Having a popular page as an introvert can be done and I'm going to share with you what you need to know to grow a fan base of loyal followers.

This Flourishing Facebook Fan Pages for Introverts course will help you:

  • Understand the basic theory behind what makes people comment, Like, and Share on Facebook
  • Clarify what your audience wants to see
  • Guide you through building a Facebook page content strategy that won’t overwhelm and drain you
  • Teach you how to create popular posts, and
  • Cover the common belief systems that are keeping many introverts from social media success

Taught through a series of friendly videos, PDFs, and worksheets that you can access any time, this course is for introverted entrepreneurs who are tired of shouting into the void and want to make a bigger impact on this world.

With guest contributions by Joel Capperella, Megan Vaughan, Colleen Davie Janes, Marissa Stone, Stacy Spain, and Maria Rana.

Thea Orozco
Thea Orozco

Hi! I’m your friendly trailblazer-in-chief. I’m a major introvert, and I LOVE social media. I’ve been using social media for business for a decade, since the MySpace days. And I have a Facebook page with over 12,000 Likes which I grew organically, not by paying Facebook tons of money.

My official title is visibility adviser. I've combined my background in creating communities, my skills in social media, and my passion for helping introverts, into a business where I guide introverted entrepreneurs through the overwhelm to create a thriving online presence.

Here’s what one of my past clients has to say about me:

"I have had huge growth in the traffic on my posts and the response has been incredible. I actually have clients who are finding me on social media and wait listing themselves to work with me!" -Kate Wratten

Social media can be enjoyable, not confusing and overwhelming. Save time and frustration by understanding the foundations of creating a successful Facebook page so you can grow your page confidently. Build your page, see the satisfaction of watching those numbers climb, and approach social media and building your business in a thriving way.

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